What is the main features of CSS3?

The power of CSS3

I believe in the power and update speed of CSS3. Not having to load background images as structural enhancements (such as PNGs for rounded corners and gradients) can save time in production and loading.

At our company, we’ve happily been using CSS3 on client websites for over a year now, and I find that implementing many of these properties right now is the most sensible way to build websites.

About CSS3 Main features:

  • Condition based CSS to create Responsive layouts.
  • Embedded various fonts family Multi Column layout Create multiple columns layouts.
  • Animate any object without using flash.
  • Transformations Rotate, Scale, Skew and Translate any object. Transitions Hover and Focus element with time and timing functions.
  • Reduce opacity of Elements and Background colors using rbga colors.
  • Linear, Radial and Repeating gradients effectsRounded Corners Easily round the corners of images and block elements.
  • Box shadow and text shadow for shadow effectsBetter Selections of HTML Elements.